Michael K. Nguyen
I love acting, games, and stuff.


The only thing I want in life.

I just want to matter to someone. That might seem selfish because what makes me so special, but it’s just the thought. I just want to feel important pertaining to someones life.

It’s hard to decide.

Whether or not this is the type of case I should just walk away from and never speak of it again. Or throw my cards on the table and hope to get a pair. 

It’s going to be a great new school year.

How I’ve changed over the years since the beginning of high school has been very interesting. I started out in one of the biggest awkward shells ever, but by finding my passion of acting with Drama class I’ve opened up. I’ve gone through some relationships and given they have been traumatic, but through those I know exactly what I want now. School is going to be a piece of cake now since I don’t have any distractions or emotional issues anymore. I know where I’ll be going in life and if I don’t succeed with that I can always choose a different path. I’m ready to adapt to whatever life throws at me. I’m done blaming myself for all the bad things that have happened in my life. Sure most of those things were my fault and I could have prevented them, but they all weren’t so there’s no need to carry around all of that guilt anymore. When you’ve hit rock bottom in your life there’s only one way to go, and I’m going to go to the top.

If somebody loves you, won’t they always love you?

one would like to believe that.

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